The Burger Brothers


Our story

In 2012 I moved my family out of London and headed to the Kent coast in Deal. Having spent alot of time in New York my food dream was always to operate my own little burger joint and an opportunity soon came with a partnership with a local landlord who let me operate a grill and fryer in a little shack in his beer garden. It is here where The Burger Bros was conceived and where we cut our teeth for the next 3 years.

We now operate two bar & grill restaurants in Deal & Dover matching our food with craft beer and cocktails and two residency partnerships situated in Canterbury and King's Cross.

Our Beef

To create a succulent burger that is full on flavour we work in partnership with a local butcher who supplies us exclusively with certified 72 day dry aged beef from Sunnyside farm near Ashford. We use the chuck and brisket cut with a 20% fat ratio and we hand press the patties on site fresh each day. All we add to our burgers is slat and pepper, then grill.

Our buns

We use bespoke soft brioche and potato rolls, which hold the burgers well without detracting the flavour of the beef.

Our chips

All of our sites have an American made hand chipper on site. We cut the potatoes each morning with their skins on and blanch them ready for a second fry during service, ensuring they are crispy.